ROLE                               SHOW                                                     THEATRE
The Poet                          An Iliad                                                    Orlando Fringe Festival
Our Guy                           American Mixed Tape                             Oahu Fringe
Our Guy                           American Mixed Tape                              Pan Asian Repertory
Plutus                               Plutus                                                     Curious Frog Theatre Co.
Friar Laurence                 Romeo and Juliet                                    Curious Frog Theatre Co.
Miles                                The Wind Cries Mary                               A-squared Theatre Workshop
Various                            Lewis and Clark. . .Euphrates                  Infamous Commonwealth Theatre
Narrator                           Witch Switch                                            Twelve Steps
Truman(us)                      St. Colm’s Inch                                        Chicago Dramatists
Fabio                               Scent of Apples                                       Pintig Cultural Group
Leslie, Mantango             Hfob-N-Tempest                                      TriArts, Inc./Adult Swim Ensemble
The Chorus                     Offending Shadows                                 TriArts, Inc.
Ronald                             Absurd Person Singular                          Wing and Groove Theatre Co.
Phil                                  The Misanthrope                                     Wing and Groove Theatre Co.
Phillip                               Orphans                                                  Wing and Groove Theatre Co.
Vlad                                 Standup Absurdity                                   Wing and Groove Theatre Co.
Tuzenbach                       Three Sisters                                          Wing and Groove Theatre Co.
Bernardo                         Zastrozzi                                                  Wing and Groove Theatre Co.
Blessing, et al.                 The Waiting Room                                   StageLeft
Chorus(understudy)        The Wound and the Bow                         Northlight Theatre
The Clown, Officer           A Winter’s Tale                                        NC Shakespeare Festival
Curio, Sea Captain          Twelfth Night                                            NC Shakespeare Festival
Cadet, Chorus                 Cyrano de Bergerac                                NC Shakespeare Festival
Miles                                Expect Respect                                        KeyPlayers/Charlotte Rep
Patrick                              Ouch!                                                      KeyPlayers/Charlotte Rep
The Bag, Dad                   Trash                                                      KeyPlayers/Charlotte Rep
Hugs, Mr. Sawyer             Hugs and Kisses                                     Theatre IV
Bruce the Miller                Rumpelstiltskin                                        Theatre IV
Napoleon                          Man of Destiny                                        Intl’ Shaw Festival

ROLE                               PROJECT                                                PRODUCER
Rep                                  Ambisome                                                ATI
Hoff                                  Ghost Raiders                                         Back table Productions
Mr. Black                          Red. Blue. White. Go!                             Nic Berlin
Ali Macpagal                     Land of the Free                                     Land of the Free Films
Supernumerary                AIU spot                                                   AIU
Supernumerary                Premier Bank training video                    In-house production
ROLE                               PROJECT                                                PRODUCER
Chef                                 Scottsdale Culinary Institute                    Big Ideas, Inc.
Super Fan                        Direct Insurance (regional)                     The Filmhouse
Young Executive              Tandberg Communications                     Somatomason

ROLE                               PROJECT                                                PHOTOGRAPHER
Partygoer                         Freddie Mac                                            Mary Henebry
Asian businessman          Trial Graphics                                         Charlie Westerman

Training and Education
  • B.A. Theatre Arts--Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, graduated  December 1994
  • Wright State University-- 1990 to 1992
  • Virginia Governor’s Magnet School for the Arts-- graduated 1990

Acting:  Cathy Scambieterra, Greg Justice, Patty Raun, David Johnson, Stephanie Dugan, Mark Olsen,
      Sandy Langsner Crews, Laurence Broglio, Bruce Cromer, Michael S. Tick
Dance:  Bob Miya, Pat White, Susan Walker, Sylva Rodriguez
Directing:  Bob Leonard

Special Talents and Hobbies
Ballroom Dance, Singing, Basic Tap, Basic Ballet, Basic Modern, Biking, Stage Management, Rifle-shooting(Yes, I own
a rifle.  No, I do not belong to the NRA), Basic Car Mechanics, Hiking, Dialects, computer literate, folk guitar, cooks like
a demon, and an avid fisherman.
Allen Hope Sermonia


Full Resume

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